Online Sessions

If it's impossible for us to meet face-to-face on your project we can still work together virtually. Online sessions are

available with a quick turnaround. All guitar family instruments, singing, electric bass, clarinet, and acoustic upright piano are available. 

What I need from you is your music! This could come in the form of stems (vox, bass, drums, etc) or simply an mp3 but ideally would include a basic chart and a MIDI file with tempo markers. I always record in reality - real instruments moving the actual air through real amps or a microphone/pre-amp. All electric guitar/bass tracks are recorded in real life but I also provide a "clean" digital version so you can simply take my performance and color it how you wish with your own plugins or re-amping. 

I also need your direction and input. Preferably we could speak together but it's ok to do things via email/text as well. Before I begin I'll create an email memo detailing your direction so we'll both literally be on the same page. 

No direction or idea is "too" anything. It doesn't matter the size, length, groove, or genre, you just tell me what you want and I'll make it.

Music copying and prep are also available using Dorico or Finale. DAWs are Logic Pro or Pro Tools.

'71 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

custom '84 Fender strat

custom '92 Fender tele

Fender Precision bass

Fender Jazz bass

Taylor 214

Taylor GA3 12 string

Lucero classical

Artisan lap steel

Goldtone 6 string banjo

Luna mandolin

Irish Bouzouki

Yamaha ukulele 

Metro Bb Clarinet

Yamaha U2 upright piano

assorted cajons, bells, and

  world percussion

Hohner melodicas

Vocal range G2 - E5

Warm Audio WA12 MKII

AKG 414

Rode NT1

Shure 57, 58, 87

...& more stuff all the time!

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